Mark, Scrape, Wipe, Shape

October 26 – 28, noon – 6 pm
Opening: October 26, 6 – 9 pm


Michael Berryhill
Gideon Bok
Matt Bollinger
Katherine Bradford
Tom Burckhardt
Jackie Gendel
Sangram Majumdar
Amy Mahnick
Kyle Staver
Didier Williams
Karla Wozniak

“That’s the only possession an artist has–freedom to do whatever you can imagine.”
Philip Guston

Mark, Scrape, Wipe, Shape brings together a group of artists with idiosyncratic painting process, ranging from the observational to improvisation to the automatic.

Through diverse approaches these artists show a serious commitment to playfulness. Their hands get dirty as they excavate, arrange, mold and model their pictures. Through this process they take the mess of paint, this colored mud—the viscous, visceral stuff that it is—and turn it into images. As images appear, the narratives build. We see landscapes, quotidian spaces, figures, totems, myths and dreams. We recognize the inherent contradiction as one motif accommodates another---as process, object, image, and meaning coax each other to fruition. Painting history is celebrated, used, abused and reconstituted into new conversations.

SPACESHIFTER is a collaborative project between two painters, Karla Wozniak and Sangram Majumdar.